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Air-I-All Plus - the Aerialist Swing Plus

Airo Plus
The Aerialist Swing Plus

$ 349.00 $ 279.00

This is the Airo swing with an added sling.
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Product Description

Airo Plus is an Airo with an additional Small Sling for a more comprehensive experience of suspended moving possibilities.  The Large Sling gives you ‘suspension’; add the small sling for ‘suspension with dimension’.  With suspension one can hang; with ‘suspension with dimension’ one can suspend horizontally and  move between the 2 slings.  The Small Sling is invaluable as it adds a piece of suspension above, below or where ever one needs it, offering that extra dimension to reach to, hang from and dance around.

The aerialist will flip out with expansive moving possibilities of the Large Sling.  The Large Sling is for Inversions and holding main body parts so the aerialist can move in dynamic suspended space.

Airo’s Leg/feet Slings feature open loop stirrups for supporting feet, legs and thighs for leg openings and strengthening.  The Leg/feet Slings also serve as hand holds at any point along their length.  The Feet/Leg Slings are nice and breezy with cute accentuating solid color soft velvet at the feet contact point, another design decor which adds that soothing softness to the feet contact and a hot look!

The Airo sports the option of Upper fabric Wrist Wraps or Hand GripsMid body contoured Handgrips match the Large Sling and Feet Slings to make the assembly sizzling cute!  The Handholds and wrist wrap engage full body support with the hands for arm stretching, strengthening and stabilization, and hand strengthening.  These handgrips offer holding points in space for the aerialist to support themselves and maneuver around.

The Airo comes with 2 Rigging Straps, 48″ long, that clip into your mounting.  The Airo  components are easily clipped in and out of the 16 tiered levels of the Rigging Straps, accommodating various heights and exercises.

To expand upon Airo Plus we offer the Airo Free Flyer.  The Airo Free Flyer includes a Swivel Spring Pull-Up Bar hanging devise enabling spring, swing, pull-ups and rotations. Please check out the Airo Free Flyer here.

Airo Components:

Large Sling:

Holds Main Body Parts

Airo Plus

Used for Inversions

Expandable airborne lotus lounge

Slick cool fabric for easy moving and good gripping

Small Sling

A third the fabric of the Large Sling

This sling is sized for smaller body parts: neck, legs, knees, ankles, arms and wrists

Adds  ‘Dimension’  to your ‘Suspension’

Enables horizontal positions

Leg/feet Slings:

Spacious soft supports for  legs, feet and thighs

Nice hand holds anywhere along it’s length


Option of upper fabric wrist wraps or handgrips

Mid body contoured handgrips match the Large Sling and Feet Slings and make the assembly dazzling cute! 

Handgrips are used for holding your own body weight, stabilizing, arm stretching and strengthening and hand strengthening

Rigging Straps:

2 (48″) Rigging straps with 2 quick links that clip to your Mounting

Airo  components are easily clipped in and out of the 16 tiers for various heights and exercises


The Small Sling adds Dimension to the Suspension for dynamic aerial play

The aerialist will be thrilled with the supportive design of this apparatus to build strength, flexibility and aerialist movements.

Designer swing with a flair of excitement & dazzle

The aerialist will flip out with the expansive moving possibilities

Fabric used with the Airo Swings

We use Nylon Spandex and Spandex fabric for the Airo Swings.  They are the perfect choices because they are slick, smooth, stretchy and supportive optimizing movement and good hand gripping.  Spandex stretches  with your every move allowing unrestricted body movement.  It dynamically flexes with your movement in space. 

Our Nylon Spandex is a designer choice fabric in dazzling colors and patterns.  The nylon Spandex is a little lighter and breezier than the Spandex.                                                                    

Weight capacity: 220 pounds         

Washes excellently

Colors: Black/Orange Camouflage, Purple Swirls on white background, Purple Swirls on white background, Yellow/Black Leopard print on white background

Spandex Fabric

The Spandex Fabric is known for it’s elastic qualities.  It is a medium weight fabric offering lots of support.

Weight capacity: 260 pounds  —  Washes excellently


Stretchy and Supportive Spandex fabrics

A thin light slick fabric for smooth body contact

Great for movement

Good for hot climates as fabric is cool on the skin

Washes and wears well

Small Sling

It is a smaller sling than the sling that comes with a Cush and it can be suspended higher, same height or lower than the Large Sling for more dimensional play, postures and therapeutic applications.

The Small Sling is about a third the size of the Large Sling and is nicely sized for your neck and appendages such as legs, knees, feet, arms, or wrists to wrap around or rest upon.

The Cush gives you ‘suspension’. The Small Sling gives you ‘suspension’ with ‘dimension’. The Large and Small Slings together give you 2 supporting holds in space for horizontal and diagonal possibilities. In the airborne horizontal position you are on your floating yoga mat for buoyant exercises, moves and postures such as air crunches.

The small sling is excellent for neck traction, buoyant air crunches, wrist and arm traction, aerial dancing, leg openings, leg rest, feet rest, knee rest and more.

Some uses of the Small Sling:

1. “Suspension with Dimension”- With your back on the Large Sling and your Knees over the Small Sling you can be suspended horizontally in space to do ‘Buoyant Air Crunches’ for abdominal toning, and ‘Buoyant Air Rolls’.

2. With the Small Sling hung high, you can stand on the ground and extend one leg up in the air resting your foot in the upper Small Sling. Then you can lower your forehead to touch your leg. Fall deeper into the stretch for great ‘Leg Openings’.

3. You can reach out while in the Large Sling and wrap your wrists in the Small Sling and Bow down for excellent ‘Wrist and Full Arm Traction’ to stretch your wrist and arm muscles out- Feels Excellent!

4. When in posture 1, ‘The Cocoon’ or ‘Relaxation Loose Lotus’ – legs are loosely crossed while sitting in the Large Sling, you can use the Small Sling for ‘Excellent Neck Traction’ or for ‘Elevated Leg Rest’

5. It is excellently used for ‘Aerial Dancing’ to osculate between the Large Sling and Small Sling hung higher. You can hold the upper handles and flip over the Small Sling and then swing back to the Large Sling.

6. You can spontaneously find numerous and unlimited postures and movements with the Small Sling. When suspended higher it is a perfect reaching point for a leg or arm enabling ‘leg and arm stretching, strengthening and openings’.


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The Aerialist Swing Plus”

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