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Trapeze Bar

Trapeze Bar

$ 149.00

Swivel, chains, pull-up bar, rigging straps, quick link rung, installation instructions


Product Description

30″ Padded Fabric covered Pull up Bar, Chain, Swivel, 2 (48”) Rigging Straps, Connector Link (to connect to Mounting), Installation Instructions

This is a stylish and useful way to hang your Zero Gravity Gym giving more breadth and expansiveness of the unit in space. The Trapeze Bar with Chain enables one to move the whole unit from one point to swing and move in full 360 degrees. It is an especially ideal tool to use when hanging your Zero Gravity Gym from a tree. It allows a free and uncomplicated hang from one rope, instead of two. This unit is great used at any height, but is especially ideal when hung from any tall mounting place as the swinging action is accentuated with more height. The swivel is key to prevent the rope from getting twisted up and allows unrestricted movement. 

This device enables swing, rotations, pull-ups and a great hand hold to hang from.

The Trapeze Bar with Chain features a 30″ padded fabric covered pull-up bar for a comfortable hand grip expanding the hanging opportunities upward. A swivel is at the top for 360 degree movement. Two Rigging Straps, 48″ long, hang from the rings at the ends of the Bar. Zero Gravity Gym components hang from the Rigging Straps and the Rings at the end of the Bar.

Weight Capacity: 240 pounds

All hardware and materials are black


Stylish Hanging Bar for your Zero Gravity Gym

Enables swing, rotations, pull-ups and a great hand hold to hang from 

Enables swinging from one point with 360 degree movement

Ideal when hung from a tree or tall mounting place as it allows a free and uncomplicated hang from one rope; the swivel curtails the unit from twisting up


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