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Trapeze Bar Ceiling Mount

$ 44.00

Includes one bar with one hanging point, two screws, and installation instructions


Product Description

One point Ceiling Mount for a Swivel Spring/Chain Pull-up Bar

One Bar with One Eye Ring, 2 screws, Installation Instructions

This one point Ceiling Mounting is especially recommended  for the  Swivel Spring/Chain Pull-up Bars.  This Mount  is a 5″ bar with an eye ring which is installed with 2 screws. An eyebolt is an Eye Ring at the end of a screw thus some motion can be transferred to the screw.  With our Mounting the Eye Ring on the bar is a separate unit than the screws making it safe. Complete Installation Instructions come with it. Installing the Ceiling Mount is a simple process, but it is important to have a competent carpenter or handyman do the installation.

Rigging Straps, which come with all Zero Gravity Gyms, are connected with the provided Connector Links to the Mounting.  Zero Gravity Gym components are hung from the Rigging Straps.


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