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6-Rung Ceiling Mount

Six-Rung Ceiling Mount

$ 189.00

72” bar set, six sets of hanging points, fourteen screws, installation instructions


Product Description

6′ Bar Set,  6 sets of Hanging points, 14 screws, Installation Instructions

This Mounting is 2 bars with 6 Eye Rungs spaced out along its 6′ length to spread your Zero Gravity Gym’s components out with space between them instead of all components hanging from 1 set of points. The first set of Eye Rings can hang the Swing, the second set can hang the Handles, the third set can hang the Feet Stirrups, the fourth set can hang a Small Sling, the fifth set can hang the Bungee Gorilla Holster and the last set can hang the Bungee Gorilla Handles. This adds dimension between the components for horizontal leveraging for expansiveness of movement. This 6′ Ceiling Mount is excellent to accommodate a Zero Gravity Gym and a Bungee Bouncer. This is  great mounting you can hang any suspension equipment from.


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