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Pull-Up Bar

Hang Down, Pull-Up Bar

$ 119.00

Padded cloth-covered bar, rings on the ends, two hanging straps, and four quick links


Product Description

 2 point hanging Pull-up Bar

30″ Padded fabric covered Pull-up Bar                                                               

(2) 14″ Hanging straps with Rings on the ends, 4 Connector Links

This Pull-up Bar hangs from 2 points from the 2 Hanging Straps. The Hanging Straps connect the Pull-up Bar to the Mounting.  This 2 point mounting provides a stable Pull-up Bar.  The Pull-up Bar is 32″ with soft padding and fabric covered which provides a comfortable sweat proof grip.  This bar is an excellent hand grab to stretch your body from and condition muscles with pull-ups.

This Pull-up Bar can be used alone or with a Zero Gravity Gym hanging from it. Rigging Straps can hang from the rings on the ends of this Pull-up Bar.  Zero Gravity components can be hung from the Rigging Straps or the rings on the ends of the bar. An additional option is to use 2 Springs above your Pull-up Bar for spring action to your bar.


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