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Complete Rigging Kit

Complete Mounting Kit

$ 60.00

Includes everything you need to accommodate a second mounting spot


Product Description

One Swing Ceiling Mounting: (2  Ceiling Bars- white, 4 screws, Installation Instructions)

Rigging Straps with Connector Links- 48″ long with 16 tiers

The complete Mounting Kit includes the One Swing Ceiling Mounting and Rigging Straps with Connector Links for a complete mounting assembly. A Zero Gravity Gym can easily be taken down from one Mounting Spot and clipped  into another Mounting Spot on a daily basis. The best way is to keep the Rigging Straps stationary and just move the Swing. This affords the use of your Zero Gravity Gym in 2 locations.  Reasons for 2 mounting spots might be: weather permitting, 2 locations of training, work, home, friend’s house, second home, 2 locations in one house, one indoors, one outdoors.


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