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Gorilla Holsters

Gorilla Holsters

$ 169.00

Includes a set of thigh holsters, a strap with rings at the ends, and four quick links

Product Description

Pair of Gorilla Holsters with Connector Links

2 (12″) extension straps with rings at ends with 2 Connector Links for mounting at desirable height

Made with soft synthetic fur these Gorilla Holsters are truly comfortable and sturdy.  They are designed for two main purposes: holding the thighs for base building and opening; and supporting the upper arms for vertical abdominal crunches.  For the latter application these are also known as Ab Straps. When suspended in a low squat supported by the thighs one can rock and gently move for hip and tail bone openings, engage thigh and calve strengthening; and rotate knees and ankles.  This equipment is invaluable for fitness, yoga, strength training, body therapy and rehabilitation.

Color: Black 


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