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Co-Creators: Shari Weber and Yogi Zen

Yogi Zen and Shakina

Yogi Zen and partner Shari Weber are the co-creators of Zero Gravity Gym. They launched the Zero Gravity Gym production in Los Angeles in 2009. Shari's yoga, dance, fitness, business, textile arts and writing talents led her to her bliss in developing Zero Gravity Gym and Yoga. Yogi Zen is an extraordinary gifted yogi dedicated to his yogic and creative paths. He is a comprehensive yoga practitioner and a brilliant and dynamic teacher.


Yogi Zen, world-class yoga instructor, is an ingenious 24-7 yogi. His active exploration of ways to deepen his yogic stretches and movements; and his passion for body excellence led him to use slings and hang upside down. His creative genius and his mastery of textile designer arts led him to create the Yoga Swing. He first launched the manufacturing of his Yoga Swing creation in Bali in 2001 to share his amazing tool with the world. Thus, created, was the parachute Yoga Swing. This model has been copied by many companies currently found on the market. In 2009, Zen and Shari Weber, opened their own sewing production shop in Los Angeles to make their new improved higher quality Yoga Swing, the Zero Gravity Gym. They started with 5 different industrial sewing machines. Their creativity flowed as they created several yoga swing models and an expanded line of suspension equipment and accessories. They will be opening the Zero Gravity Yoga Teacher's Training school in spring of 2014.