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Suspension Training for Older People

by / Monday, 02 December 2013 / Published in Exercise, Health
Yoga Swing and Back Health

As we move into our later years, it is more critical than ever that we work at keeping our bodies healthy, toned, and flexible. In fact, regular exercise can reduce the risk of death by up to one-third and lowers the incidence of chronic disease by 40%. Suspension training is a unique way to shape up without the risks associated with traditional exercise routines.

All the Benefits – None of the Strain

Yoga is an excellent strength-training exercise because it allows you to use the weight of your own body in many postures. Suspension training in an aerial yoga swing goes even further, allowing you an expanded range of motion while removing risks associated with ballistic, ground-based activities. You don’t work with weights or resistance devices, and so you are far less likely to get injured. This is particularly important for older exercisers, who may have preexisting joint and flexibility concerns.

Relieve Back Pain

Many back problems are related to aging: back pain is largely a consequence of decades of gravity pulling down and placing stress on your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Inversion in a suspension device immediately relieves pain by relieving compacting stresses and allowing your body, perhaps for the first time in years, to stretch into its natural shape and contour.

Anti-Aging Benefits

There are many benefits to exercise, but suspension and inversion takes them to a whole new level. Here are some of the ways in which aerial suspension training can help you stave off the effects of age:

  • Increased Flexibility: The limited range of motion associated with stiffness in older age is a serious injury risk factor, even leading to higher incidences of falls. Remember the adage: “The body is only as young as the spine is flexible.”
  • Stronger Bones: Studies of seniors have demonstrated that regular yoga participation leads to increases in bone density and helps stave off osteoporosis.
  • Relieve Menopausal Discomfort: Would you believe that certain postures help to alleviate the hormonal fluctuations associated with menopause? Flying in your yoga swing can help you relieve hot flashes, painful menstruation, and anxiety.
  • Fun Fights Age:  Suspension training is not only effective—it’s fun! There is an element of freedom and play involved in flying in space that you just can’t get from other forms of exercise. The joy results in the release of endorphins and other body chemicals that support healthy emotional and physical function. Have fun and you’ll live a longer, happier life.


Suspension training is a safe, effective, and fun way to help stay strong in your advancing years. A regular routine can lead to stronger bones, help combat depression, and reduce mortality rates from all causes. Taking the first step—or flying leap—may be the best thing you’ve ever done for your health.

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