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by / Wednesday, 06 November 2013 / Published in Exercise, Latest posts, Zero Gravity Swings

AERIAL FITNESS TRAINING is unlike any other fitness program or conditioning experience you’ve ever tried. Combining ancient YOGIC training methods with the latest advances in exercise science, it becomes Yoga Technology. Aerial Fitness Training offers the most complete, effective, and accessible workouts available today. It is really all about flexibility is the access place for body Re-geneisis.

Our System incorporates the most vitally important principles into every workout. Before you know it, you’ll be moving better, feeling stronger and more energetic, and all those muscle aches and strains will disappear. Your body will be optimized to respond to the demands you place upon it. So instead of wasting valuable time with unproductive conditioning exercises, or losing time because of injury, you’ll be able to concentrate on enjoying your life again like never before.

Increases Fitness and Energy Levels
Increases Body’s Healing Capacity
Improves Upper, Lower, and Total Body Strength
Improves Core Strength and Stability
Improves Muscle Coordination
Reduces Muscle Tension
Reduces Risk of Muscle Strains and Tears
Reduces Risk of Back Pain
Enhances Overall Enjoyment of Physical Activities
Provides Immediate and Measurable Results
Is Safe, Fun and Easy to Use

Suspension Aerial Fitness is designed to correspond with the interrelated and functional nature of the body’s muscular-skeletal system. The result is the most functional and complete workouts available today. By flowing through any range of movements un-hindered by the floor or dead weight machines you are allowed a freedom of experimentation that will never be limited by resistance because its very similar to swimming in the water

More Versatile And Effective Than A TRX®
Perhaps you’re familiar with the TRX®. It’s a fairly popular suspension gym that’s been around for several years, and has garnered quite a following (for good reason, it’s a great product). But it has a very important limitation:

Since the TRX® uses a single-point anchoring system, it’s impossible to perform proper dips, chin-ups, and pull-ups on it.
Even pushups and flys are awkward and uncomfortable on the TRX® because the single-point anchoring system causes the straps to rub against your shoulders, neck, and head.

These five exercises are among the most effective exercises that you can do, and they’re either awkward or impossible to perform them on the TRX®.

The AGG Suspension Gym uses a superior two-point anchoring system, or the Swivel Sinning Pull-up Bar. This means that you can do Absolutely anything w/ our gym for just Double the price.

The TRX really leaves you hanging cause it doesn’t allow for any Suspension of the body. All they offer is a set of leg loops to do 10% of what our product will do 100% for you.

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