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Yoga Swing...Take Your Yoga to the Air...Get Super Fit with Ease & Pleasure

In Zero Gravity Space it is almost effortless to get the deepest stretches ever and to move in new and exciting ways engaging in every direction with every part of your body for full 360 degree fitness and flexible inversions. Fitness made easy and feels so good! The originators of Yoga Swing take you to the next level with...Zero Gravity Gym, an evolved full line of Yoga Swings and Suspension Fitness - Aerial Yoga equipment for 4D fitness! Experience Zero Gravity possibilities for yourself...

GOING ZERO GRAVITY with "Zero Gravity Gym" Yoga Swings

Going Zero Gravity for full range of motion, total body stretching, flexible inverting, total body toning, full body engagement, optimal shaping with ease and pleasure! Going Zero Gravity for feeling great! The originators of the Yoga Swing take you to the next level of fitness with the Zero Gravity Gym, an evolved full line of Yoga Swings and Suspension Fitness equipment for 4D fitness! Experience Zero Gravity possibilities...experience 4D fun!

Dr. Sinel on the Benefits of Zero Gravity Gym

Dr. Sinel, author of Back Pain Remedies for Dummies and Win the Battle Against Back Pain: An Integrated Mind-Body Approach, discusses how Zero Gravity Gym is beneficial for the back and how the Zero Gravity Gym has personally benefitted himself and his family

Take Your Training Off the Ground for Next Level Fitness!


Zero Gravity is your solution for easy therapeutic stretching and opening, thorough gentle
whole body toning, non strenuous exercising, pleasurable body conditioning, and excellent
back stretching using soft support and gravity. Whole body benefits are experienced
immediately. Zero Gravity is your best choice for effective fun fitness.

The Zero Gravity Gym Yoga Swing is merely a system of holding points in space to lend support
to enable one to hold positions and do exercises that are normally challenging or impossible.
This allows one to build strength and flexibility incrementally without stress.

This system is excellent for people of all fitness levels: from sedentary and elderly to office
workers to the practicing yogi to the super athlete and to children: this support system can help
evolve one’s range of movement and strength.

We are the innovators of the first generation parachute yoga swing and we have evolved our designs
bringing you the most comfortable and aero-dynamic Yoga Swings
. We have developed our second generation
yoga swings, the Zero Gravity Gyms, using comfortable fabrics which offer more support and
stretch, thus giving you comfort in postures and comfort with movement. We also use higher
quality materials and we have improved our designs to give you more holding points, and easier
and individual rigging of each component. Our fabric is comfortable at holding points, silky to
the touch, supportive, and stretches with movement. The stretch allows unrestricted body
movement. Zero Gravity Gyms have comfortable and precision built feet rests and hand grips.

We no longer use parachute fabric (or recycled nylon) as it is restrictive and hinders the ability to
move and causes stress to the body at holding points. Parachute fabric is thin and thus cuts into
the skin and is unsupportive. It is made of petroleum which dries up, becoming brittle and
disintegrating over time. ​

Suspension Fitness is the most advantageous system for total body stretching
and conditioning. One can achieve maximum results with less effort by using
suspension and gravity. While in Suspension one can easily achieve the
deepest stretches and move in all directions for full 360 degree fitness. The
whole body is activated from the core to every muscle, tissue and joint.

The Applications of the Zero Gravity Gym include yoga, fitness, body therapy, inversion therapy,
back therapy, rehabilitation, gymnastics trainer, martial arts trainer, aerial arts, longevity tool,
children’s gym, baby rocker, and air lounge!

Zero Gravity Gyms are unequivocally evolutionary for a new
paradigm of movement, fitness, pleasure and fun.

One can achieve immediate noticeable results with ease with the aid
of a Zero Gravity Gym.

So bring your fitness to a new level with a little support from a Zero
Gravity Gym.

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